Our new title, “Croatian Legion: The 369th Reinforced (Croatian) Infantry Regiment on the Eastern Front, 1941-1943″,┬áis in stock. All orders have been despatched. In you opted for Air Mail, you’ll receive the book shortly, if you haven’t received it already. Those who selected Surface Mail should expect to receive it in about February.

Thanks to all who have written with kind words about the book. Feedback is always appreciated.

The next title due for release is the detailed history of Pionier-Bataillon 305, from its formation until its demise in Stalingrad. Tentative release date is April or May 2011. A vast amount of rare material (photos, diaries, letters, etc.) has been gathered for this book which allows an insight into the thoughts and actions of one battalion. We follow the men from a life of relative comfort in France into the dark depths of Russia, experiencing combat from a pioneer’s perspective and feeling the painful impact of every man’s death. The quality and detail of information found for this book needs to be seen to be believed. The battalion was far from being a “glamorous” unit that covered itself in medals, yet the battles in which it fought make its story worth telling.

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